SKILL SFILL CNC Grinding and Arrissing

SKILL SFILL is 9-axis CNC vertical grinding and arrissing machine for automatically arrissing, grinding and polishing straight and shaped sheet glass from 3 to 21 mm in thickness. The machine is composed of nine axes and two electrospindles mounted side by side that allow to process at the same time the horizontal sides of the pieces.

The machine can perform multiple machining processes:

  • GRINDING: this is done using diamond wheels with a diameter of 150mm and can be carried out on straight and shaped glass, including laminated or treated glass.
  • POLISHING: this can be carried out on large surfaces with grinding wheels of 150mm.
  • ARRISSING: this can be performed with both heads using peripheral "V"-shaped diamond edge grinders.


Key Benefits...

  • Sheets manoeuvred by vacuum belts
  • Automatic detection of sheet size
  • ​Grinding with 2 heads simultaneously
  • ​Automatic tool changer
  • Maximum precision and speed
  • ISO 40 10 kW electro-spindles
  • Vibration-free and long service life
  • Minimal maintenance