DRILL 1600 Drilling and Milling Machine

DRILL 1600 is a 5-axis CNC drilling machine designed for producing holes, inserts and countersinks on rectangular flat sheet glass with a thickness of 3-21 mm. The machine is composed of five axes, X Y V Z W, and two electro-spindles which, as opposite drilling heads, create a double-sided drilling system that drills perfect holes.

The machine can perform multiple machining processes:

  • DRILLING: thanks to the opposing heads, this is done at maximum speed and always ensures excellent quality and precision.
  • CONTERSINKING: this can be done either with individual diamond tools and adjusted through the program in accordance with customers’ needs, or with accessories fitted on diamond drill bits.
  • MILLING: This operation is simple and fast thanks to the multiple tools: the machine can mill and grind an insert in just a few seconds.

Key Benefits…

  • Drilling with opposing heads
  • Milling with a 4 kW electrospindle
  • Automatic tool changer in 12+12 positions
  • Maximum precision and speed
  • Vibration-free and long service life
  • Minimal maintenance