SKILL E-D Vertical CNC Center

SKILL E-D is a vertical CNC center that allows multiple machining processes to be combined in a single system capable of performing all machining processes with extreme speed and precision. The machine allows all machining processes to be carried out on straight or shaped flat glass and combines all vertical drilling and milling technology with the features of a vertical grinder.

The machine can perform multiple machining processes:

  • GRINDING: this is done using diamond wheels with a diameter of 150mm and can be carried out on both straight and shaped glass, including laminated and treated glass.
  • POLISHING: this can be performed both on large surfaces with 150mm diameter wheels and in small inserts with 50 or 30mm diameter wheels
  • DRILLING: thanks to the opposing heads, this is done at maximum speed and always ensures excellent quality and precision.
  • COUNTERSINKING: this can be done either with individual diamond tools and adjusted through the program in accordance with customers’ needs, or with accessories fitted on diamond drill bits.
  • MILLING: thanks to the extreme sturdiness and precision of the system, milling is a quick and simple operation to perform, and with the multiple tools a milled and ground insert can be obtained in a few seconds.

Key Benefits…

  • Sheets manoeuvred by vacuum belts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No limit to machining processes​
  • Drilling with opposing heads
  • Grinding with two 10 kW electro-spindles
  • Maximum precision and zero downtime
  • Vibration-free and long service life